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  • Address Near Sri Sri Auniati Sakha Satra
    Koliapani, Teok,
    Post Office Koliapani-785112, Assam
  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone +91 7002459385 (Registrar)
    +91 9435130613 (Vice Chancellor)

Vice Chancellor's Profile

Prof. Dambarudhar Nath, MA, PhD
Vice Chancellor, Auniati University

Born (September 1, 1954) and brought up in Majuli, Dr. Dambarudhar Nath, had his early education in Majuli with schooling in the Garamur Pitambardeva Goswami High School, and collegiate education in Majuli College, Majuli. An M.A. in ancient Indian History and culture from Dibrugarh University obtaining the University’s first Gold Medal in History, Professor Dambarudhar Nath was the Chair Professor at the Sri Sri Aniruddhadeva Chair, Department of History, Dibrugarh University since 2008. He also held the Srimanta Sankaradeva Chair Professorship at the Tezpur Central University, as its first incumbent. A life member of the Indian History Congress and the Kamrup Anusandhan Samiti, Professor Nath was one of the few founder members of the North East India History Association in 1979. Prof. Nath was also the Executive member of the Indian Council of Historical Research for a term of three years. A critical essayist in various aspects of cultural history of Assam Prof. Nath has to his credit dozens of research papers published in the reputed journals of India and abroad besides a dozen of deeply researched critical works on the history, religion and culture of Assam and the North East. A recipient of the IIAS Fellowship for year 2017-2019, and a Senior Fellowship from the ICHR, New Delhi. Recipient of the Rajmohan Nath Research Award in 2015, Prof. Nath was also honoured with the Dr. Moyidul Islam Bora Research Award in 2012, and Babasaheb Ambedkar Award for his contributions towards the wellbeing of the economically and socially downtrodden class of students of Assam in 2019. He also holds the Chair of being the first Vice-Chancellor of the Majuli University of Culture, Majuli. Prof. Nath’s ‘The Majuli Island: Society, Economy and Culture’, is his magnum opus, and is read all over the world. His study of the ethnic communities of this part of Assam - those of the Ahom, Koch, Chutiya, Moran, Matak, Kaivarta and a few others has been recognized all over the country.

Dr. Nath has written and published number of books and a few of them are:
Asam Buranji (A History of Assam), Adhunikatar Unmeshat Shri Shri Auniati Satra (A History of the Auniati Satra in the wake of the Modern age), Satra Society and Culture: Pitambardeva Goswami and History of Garamur Satra, The Majuli Island: Society, Economy and Culture, Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Racanawali, History of the Koch Kingdom 1515- 1615 A.D, Religion and Society in North East India, Religious Tradition and Social Practices in Assam: Essays on Popular Religion, Buddhist Tradition and Writing Culture, Mayamara Vaishnav Samajar Than Satra - Oitijya aru Itihas, Dharma Sahitya Samaj, Chutiya Jatir Buranji, Dibrugarar Buranji, Reopening of the Stilwell Road: Prospects and Problems and Nirguna Bhakti in Eastern India: Ideology, Identity and Resistance. Prof. Nath is recipient number of State and National Awards and has also delivered innumerable lectures on various platforms. Prof. Dambarudhar Nath has now taken over the charge of the Auniati University as the first Vice Chancellor.